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This infographic was created from information from this post, with permission from our friends over at undercovergradrecruiter.


How to: Career Fairs

Graduate careers fairs are fast approaching! Here are the main tips that you should be aware of before attending one. Specifically however, we would like to explore a few areas in better detail:

  • Preparation: Know how to talk about yourself. This means having a relevant elevator pitch ready to wow your employer (try including your x-factor)! It also means having to talk about your achievements, which may sound like bragging depending on how you phrase your words. That’s why you need to be prepared and practice! Try talking to your family members, friends, even to your dog or the mirror and be aware of how you’re phrasing your achievements.
  • The ideal convo: It is worthy to note that a conversation is a two-way exchange of words between parties, so after a recruiter answers your question, you should actively respond to and interact with what they have said. The easiest way to do this is to repeat or paraphrase their main point and add your own relevant opinion. In doing so, the conversation will probably stray from the process outlined above, which is completely natural! We’ve outlined the process only as a guideline for topics to introduce if conversation dries up.
  • Other tips: Leaving an impression. The following graphic from undercovergradrecruiter sums up how to leave a lasting impression nicely! As you can tell, your preparation on what the company does and the industry they are in are highly linked to the impression you give, so make sure you are ready!

Career Fairs: leaving an impression


That’s all from us at TGA Graduate today! Please head on over to undercovergradrecruiter for the full article and more tips and tricks!

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