You interviewed your future interviewer at TGA Graduate’s first meetup!



Thanks to everyone who came to our first meetup on Monday the 20th of April! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and also look forward to attending our upcoming meetups! For those that couldn’t make it, we’ve got more exciting meetups planned so be sure to keep checking our meetup page!

Today we’re taking a look at the key issues and main takeaways from the event regarding interviews.

  • Worried about your resume and cover letter? You shouldn’t be: recruiters are not relying as heavily on them anymore! Just keep them short and to the point by highlighting teamwork and communication skills through your education and work experience. If there’s one thing you should be focusing more on, it’s the questions you respond to on the online form.
  • Communicating naturally, properly and formally will get you there:
    • Naturally: you’re having a conversation, so make sure you’re engaging with the interviewers and articulating clearly.
    • Properly: this is all about the ability to structure your content to get to your point! This means understanding what you’re being asked so you don’t go around in circles and continuously repeat your points.
    • Formally: a no-brainer.
  • What do interviewers want from me from an interview anyway!? It seems the answer is not as evident as most recruiters think… It’s to find out your specific skills and to see if you fit into the company culture! The company is making an investment by giving you their time and effort even at the first interview, so you need to demonstrate that you’re a good investment.
    • Be aware of who you are, what you’re good at (think x-factor!) and just be transparent about these things.
    • Let the interviewer guide you to talk about your experiences and past behaviours, and try not to steer the conversation too far away.
    • Don’t BS; it’s obvious when you’re not being sincere, and the interviewer will know! Just be honest and be yourself.
  • You need to know the company! It’s obvious to see who’s prepared and who hasn’t. Recruiters want to know candidates have put in the effort to apply to their specific company. So make an effort to know the company history, industry and values.
  • The one who succeeds out of two similar candidates is the one with passion. Why? Passion drives motivation, which drives employees to work hard. This is also why you need to make sure your values are in line with the company’s – so that you truly enjoy your job if and when you get it!
    • Other than demonstrating that you know the company, showing passion is not necessarily hard. It just happens, and it’s obvious through your behaviour. It’s when candidates are smiling, engaged, talk confidently and don’t need to think about what to say.
    • Rehearsed answers are great, but what is important is infusing whatever you say with passion, and letting that shine through.

Meetup3We hope you all learned a lot from our first meetup and enjoyed yourselves! Since it was our first time organising something like this, we’re all ears if you have any suggestions on how we could improve your experience, and what companies and topics you’d like to hear about!

Which one tip resonated with you the most? Got any other questions you’d like to know about interviews? Post it below, we’ll be happy to help you out. Otherwise, check out all the infographics on the TGA Graduate App – you’re bound to learn something new!


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