[INFOGRAPHIC] Have you mastered S.T.A.R.?








This post was based off information from this post, with permission from our friends over at undercovergradrecruiter.


Online Applications Infographic


Do you remember this infographic we did on online form tips? In fact, the information is also applicable for later stages such as the face-to-face interview!

Here’s a quick example of how you can use STAR and what you could say in an interview!

S: During a meeting for a team assignment, my group got into an argument about a question we had to address.
T: As team leader, I had to resolve the conflict and get everyone back on the same page ASAP.
A: Firstly, I regained control over the meeting by getting everyone’s attention. I then acknowledged both sides of the argument. Finally, I suggested taking some parts from both proposals and combining them into one idea, to help the parties reach a compromise. I also added in my own suggestions to make the proposal even better.
R: Both sides saw the merit of what I was proposing, and agreed to collaborate to complete the question. The rest of the meeting followed without issues.

Please head on over to undercovergradrecruiter for full analysis on some typical interview questions you could use STAR to answer!

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